Unlike conventional one-off tourism, ‘Urato localhood’ connects visitors to the islands through shared experience and human connection with the islanders, and by providing opportunity for visitors to provide ongoing support / give back to the community.

By ‘becoming a local’ through local experiences and interaction with the islanders, you can feel both the “charms” as well as the “challenges” of the islands first-hand.
You can support the islands through these challenges by providing your personal value and support. Your support will not only benefit the local community, but also for benefit future visitors. By creating a cycle of support and supporters, we can improve the contribution to the islands.

In particular, local issues that are considered particularly important to the islanders will be set up as ‘projects’.
We are looking for both direct support(giving back through on-site activities)and indirect support(donations)for these projects.

As we get further from the city, what we take for granted in our everyday life is not taken for granted on the islands.
Become an ‘Urato local’ and join us in supporting the Urato Islands, your second home?


Different from conventional one-off tourism

What you can do with ‘Urato Localhood’?

Purpose of donation


We will improve the natural environment and create a great place for both islanders and visitors.


Supporting key industries and traditions" and "culture" of the island. We will continue to carry on the tradition.