course06 ~ URATO LOCALHOOD STORY ~ Chapter Katsurashima: an Oyster Farmer for the Day!

Experience life as a rice farmer on the Urato Islands!

Spend two days and one night as one of the islanders in the beautiful Urato Islands in Matsushima Bay!
Throw yourself into island life, soaking up the stunning scenery, savouring local flavours from blessings of the ocean and fields, and getting your hands dirty helping out with oyster farming activities! With few young people left on the islands to carry out the work of both agricultural and fisheries industries, make a difference through your visit by offering your time and physical help to benefit both the islanders and those visiting after you!
Be rewarded with warm hospitality, new experiences and new connections with the locals, who will make you feel right at home!

Day One

Meet your guide at passenger terminal ‘Marine Gate Shiogama’.

Jump aboard the Urato Islands Ferry bound for Hojima.
Along the way, the ferry will stop at Katsurashima Island, Nonoshima Island, Ishihama Wharf and Sabusawa Island. Take in views of the local aquaculture – oysters, nori and wakame – as you pass through Matsushima Bay, and enjoy the scenes of island life as you watch locals and visitors ‘hop’ between the islands.

Arrive at Katsurashima island, where Haruo-san, a local oyster farmer, guesthouse owner and your guide for the day, will be waiting to welcome you! 

Spend the morning learn about the history and culture of the local oyster industry as you try your hand at shucking oysters (no where near as easy as it looks!!) . Develop a new appreciation for the oyster farmers and the ‘Mukiko’ (oyster shuckers) who can shuck literally thousands of oysters in a day, some at the ripe age of 85+ years young!! 

There are few young hands on the islands to support the local agricultural and fisheries industries. Use your visit to make a difference by providing your time and two hands to support farmers like Haruo-san in preparation for the next phase of oyster cultivation! Pictured below are scenes from assisting with moving the ‘seed oysters’ (baby oysters!) from the ‘nursery’ onto ropes, ready to be submerged back in the ocean to grow to maturity!

Leave something behind not only for the islanders, but future visitors to enjoy!  
After all that hard work, reward yourself with a delicious lunch with Haruo-san featuring the fresh oysters you shucked the day before! 

‘Island time’ flies by, and before you know it you’ll hear the approach of the Urato Island Ferry heading back to the mainland. 
Say goodbye to the islands – but not for long. Your new friends will be waiting to welcome you ‘home’ to Urato Islands soon!

Trial periodOctober 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023
Size2 – 8 persons
Price2persons:11,100yen / person
4persons:9,400yen / person
6persons:5,500yen / person
8persons:4,800yen / person
※With through interpreter guide:+30,000yen
Sign-up DeadlineReservation accepted one month prior to tour date
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